January 14th, 2010
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Haitian OrphanWhen I read about the earthquake in Haiti, I immediately thought of an old online friend. Lori and her family have adopted several children from Haiti, and they do missionary work there. She works with a woman who runs an orphanage. Her blog states that the orphanage’s food depot collapsed, so there isn’t any food.

The Global Orphan Project blog is reporting from Haiti. Apparently, at least one of the orphanages they work with is located at Ground Zero. They have been unable to communicate with anyone there. The project has 2,000 orphans under its care, according to one news report.

I can’t imagine what families who are adopting from Haiti must be going through right now. With communications down, I’m sure several families don’t know if their children are all right. Articles I’ve read indicate that so much was destroyed, and that likely includes important paperwork and documents. One article from MSNBC discusses a family who is waiting for their children to come home: Wash. Parents Await Word on Haitian Orphans.


The HOPE Center for Orphaned Girls, Maison Fortune, the Love a Child Orphanage, and HIS Home for Children report that they’re OK. God’s Littlest Angels reports that they’re OK, but everyone is sleeping outside. The BRESMA Orphanage is not so lucky. Here’s an excerpt from the blog:

These two young U.S. citizens and their children are living in the yard of the orphanage. The house is falling.  The babies will not live if something isn’t done.  The children that could be evacuated are practically U.S. citizens, they are that far along in the adoption process.  They have ready homes here in the U.S.

MSNBC has a story on several church-based orphanages: Pa. Pastor ‘Expecting the Worst’ at Haitian Site. Brent Gambrell Ministries supports an orphanage that is in unknown condition. The situation in Haiti is dire, according to just about everything I’ve read. At Pwoje Espwa, Father Marc writes:

There is only one road from Port-au-Prince to Les Cayes and it is now impassable. One of the mountains that has to be climbed has split in two leaving a huge chasm, effectively cutting off means of transportation for people and goods.

Some statistics from UNICEF:

  • Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Fifteen percent of children are orphaned or abandoned.
  • 200,000 children live in institutions.
  • Forty percent of the population is under age 15.

If you haven’t seen any coverage, an excerpt from The Today Show is available on Hulu. More than one person has remarked that Haiti will see more orphans as a result of this tragedy. Many sites have lists of ways you can help. I’m closing this post with a link to Strollerderby’s Six Ways Your Family Can Lend a Helping Hand.

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  1. jock320 says:

    I am so interested in adopting one of the children from Haiti. Do you have any information that will help me facilitate the process?

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