April 21st, 2006
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Hong Kong is a transracial adoption option that is lesser known than many of the other adoption programs and yet while it is a smaller adoption program, it is a wonderful option for the right families.

Because of the fact that there are many Hong Kong residents who desire to adopt healthy infants, almost all of international adoptions from Hong Kong are special needs adoptions. Hong Kong adoptions are NOT processed along with China adoptions, and Hong Kong has its own adoption regulations, procedures and authorities. All adoptions are processed through the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department’s Adoption Unit (AU) who strictly regulates the adoption process and who runs

a very tight, ethical process with great attention to detail. Medical care in Hong Kong is comparable to medical care in the U.S., so parents get very detailed medical information along with their referral.

Parent Requirements- Hong Kong adoptions are very flexible when it comes to requirements. Other parents report that age, family size, etc. are all flexible. Single woman have been permitted to adopt. Anyone interested in specifics should check with an agency.

Children Available- Children have come home anywhere from one year of age up to 14 years of age, and most if not all of children available are special needs. Toddler age is very common in Hong Kong adoptions.

Special needs range anywhere from having a “background issue” in the birth family to orthopedic issues to chronic diseases or conditions. Sometimes the special needs with children from Hong Kong are more involved than the more minor special needs seen with other programs, although some children do just have minor special needs. Sometimes older children (school age or young teenagers) without any special medical needs are available.

There are usually more boys than girls available, as with most adoption programs. Sibling groups are very uncommon.

Process in a nutshell- Many parents go into a Hong Kong adoption with a pre-identified child, while others submit documents and wait for a referral. The paperwork is minimal and easy, as photo copies are allowed and no notarizations or authentications are required. At referral, parents receive detailed medical and developmental information, multiple photos and sometimes video of the child. Once a dossier is submitted for a child, it is approximately 4-8 months before the child can come home. Time frames can vary. Children can be escorted home or families can travel for approximately five business days. Travel to Hong Kong is typically enjoyable and “easier” than traveling to some other countries as there are many modern amenities and many people in Hong Kong speak English. Adoptions are not finalized in Hong Kong, but the adoptive parents receive custody and the placing agency holds guardianship until the adoption is finalized after six months of the child being home.

Fees- Fees can be difficult to estimate, but Hong Kong adoptions are very inexpensive in comparison to most international adoptions. Check with agencies for fee information.

Here are some agencies that an adoptive parent told me that were known to have programs in Hong Kong- (please do your research)
Bethany Christian Services
Family Connections

Resources- Here is the link to the Yahoo Hong Kong Adoption group, but please note that this group is only open to families with their children home, or who are in the process of a Hong Kong adoption. The U.S. Dept. of State offers more information on Hong Kong adoptions on their site.

Please note that international adoption information can vary from agency to agency and change frequently. This information is research I have done to aid readers only, and all prospective adoptive parents should use this as general info only and contact a licensed adoption agency (or several agencies) to verify information before choosing a program.

*This post is part of a series, giving information on countries and international adoption programs that allow transracial adoption. To see all of the countries I have given information on thus far, click on the category “Transracial Adoption Options” on the right-hand side of this page.

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  1. Vicki in MI says:

    Thanks for including Hong Kong Erin!! It is a small program, and probably not for everyone, but it was perfect for us!! We can’t imagine not having our little princess!


  2. bellachina says:

    Does anyone know about the Hong Kong 2000 reunion for 1960′s adoptees? It was apparently conducted by HK International Social Services.

    I would love to meet other adoptees from Hong Kong especially during Chinese New Years 2010, in Hong Kong.


  3. Torrents says:


    Hong Kong Adoption – Transracial / Transcultural Adoption…

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